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New Eight on the Block!

Hi, I am the new logo for Allergy Ease 8. Its very nice to meet you! I am so excited to be apart of the Allergy Ease 8 Family. I’m here to educate and spread awareness of the common eight food allergies that affects millions on a day to day basis. However, we don’t want to stop just there. We want to support and create community for all affected by food allergies. Allergy Ease 8 aims to empower those affected and those who support all people affected by food allergies. Always remember you are not alone on this journey. We are in this together!

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FDA approves Palforzia, the first drug to treat children with peanut allergy.

The United States Food and Drug Administration approved the first drug test to treat children with peanut allergies. This medicine can help kids build up a tolerance towards peanut allergies. This drug is allowed to kids ages 4-17. Photo Credit: Barbra Daly Publisher: Austin Martinez  Source: The Daily Texan  Link Below

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Being Mickey Jae

This blog post was created by Mickey Jae a mother of a child Rhylie who has a milk, egg, soy, and peanut allergy. She also explains how she met Allergy Ease 8. Also follow her on instagram @beingmickeyjae  Click the link to check out her blog!!!

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