Meet the Crew

  • Azeem -Growing up with a severe milk and peanut allergy, I helped form this company under the reality that I face every day. Presenting a brand for people who live with food allergies. Worrying about serious instances such as cross contamination of food as it is prepared or served, lack of concern or attention to food allergies by restaurant providers, and other food instances. Our company wants to bring awareness to food allergies and let people know that they are not alone.


  • Asia -Living with a rare oat food allergy, I've always encountered family, colleagues, and friends who've confined in me about their common experiences at restaurants, and even grocery stores. I want to spread more awareness to this major issue that has unfortunately cost people their lives. I know how it feels to be uneasy when you're eating away from home. With this in mind, I want to provide an avenue where people can have a place to discuss food allergy experiences and give feedback to others. Through this, we want try to bring more awareness about food allergies across the world.


  • Ali -Being related to siblings who have severe food allergies, I've watched my family go through many challenges. Finding a place to eat that effectively tended to their food allergies was difficult to say the least. I remember sitting down at a restaurant and my parents informing the server in advance that my brother had this severe milk allergy and that it could kill him. Nonetheless, he was given food that contained dairy. I remember exactly how I felt in that moment. Our table grew silent and my heart instantly dropped. My father tried to calm my brother down so that he wouldn't psych himself into shock. This memory has driven me to help and continue to bring awareness of food allergies to a broader audience. I want people to remember the importance of food allergies and realize that the lack of the attention or care can really affect someones life.